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We have prepared a clan event for you for a reward. A clan that registers by August 06, 2021 will receive a reward of 150 Donate coins and 5 Reputation Coins at the start (1 reputation coin = 2,000 CRP). To report a clan, write us a message on Facebook. In the message, write the name of the clan, clan leader and min. the number of people in Clane must be 10, we do not count dual boxes! We will assign the reported customs duties to this status and the day before the server opens we will write all customs duties to the new status. We look forward to you.

We would like to announce great news about Lineage 2 Interlude x70 Opening at 06.08.2021 19:00 CET !

It is a new opportunity for all PLAYERS to get whatever they want.
A chance for all to be one of server LEADERS
Chance to be STRONGER,to lead for CLAN,occupy CASTLE,be FIRST of PVP/PK list.
So don't wait and take your clan or fiind one and fight for Supremacy

Since is a new project we will need all help from you .
Support our server by VOTING every day.
[Remember that every vote counts]