L2 100Ka game rules:

1. Absolutely no 3rd party software.

2. Exploiting is not allowed. If you find a bug/glitch, tell a GM or you may get banned.

3. Racism will not be tolerated at L2 100ka.

4. Impersonating as an L2 100KA staff will get you banned immidiately.

5. Advertising in game will get you banned.

6. Do not involve GM's in trades.

7. It is forbidden to sell things for real money. Violation of this rule will be punished by the IP ban!!

Simple advices which will keep you out of trouble:

1. Never share your account details with anyone. L2 100ka will not be responsible for scammed/hacked items/accounts. L2 100ka staff will never ask you for your password.

2. Be friendly to our staff. They spend hours and hours for free helping players. We tell our staff that if they are treated with disrespect they are allowed to jail those who disrespect them.

3. Try not to bash on donators. Without them you wouldn't be able to enjoy L2 100ka, they are what keeps us alive.

4. Flaming is allowed to a certain degree. There's a fine line between flaming and bullying. If a GM feels you've gone too far then you will get punished.

5. Have an issue and no GM is available? Instead of waiting which can cause frustration, post it on our forum and you might get help quicker.